Villa Euchelia

Natural wonders to explore.

It is the ideal place for a stay
wonder green Relax ,
a few steps from the places of Art and Culture.


Villa Euchelia it is only a few kilometers away from the Abruzzo National Park
and it is 15 minutes drive from Cassino and the Abbey of Montecassino;

to reach the Gulf of Gaeta you have to travel only 50 km.
Furthermore, in the nearby Aquino you can visit the Cathedral of S. Tommaso d’Aquino and continuing for another 30 km you can visit the suggestive Caves of Pastena

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The paths branch out in all directions,
allowing pleasant walks
through Ancient Villages and enchanting Panoramas
offered by the surrounding mountains.

Furthermore, Villa Euchelia offers activities including excursions on foot and on horseback, trekking and bike tours.
A journey also into the history of Italy,
retraced through medieval villages, castles
The famous Gustav line, war ground between Germans and Allies during the Second World War.

The city of Cassino a few kilometers from the home allows you to venture out
in cultural visits to abbeys, amphitheatres and natural areas.
Also for golf lovers, the hotel is located a few kilometers from our structure Golf Club of Cassino
immersed in a wonderful scenario in which
nature excels pristine.

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